Pioneers of Reusable Bags

The Green Bag Company was established in the year 2000, making it a pioneer in the area of reusable shopping bags.  In fact, we were the very first to introduce the reusable bag alternative to countries such as Australia and New Zealand in 2000, followed by Canada and Japan in 2003, and the U.S. in early 2004.

Currently, our branded and private label products are contributing to the reduction of single-use plastic bags in over twenty countries worldwide.

Designed for Consumer Acceptance

A family owned and run business, we pride ourselves on being innovative in providing exceptionally well-designed bags, finished to the highest production standards, backed-up by an experienced support team with the personal touch.

Central to our business model is, of course, the provision of a wide range of affordable, quality reusable and recyclable bags; however, additionally, we offer a comprehensive in-house product design service and specialist advisory assistance.


Fulfilling Our Social Mission

We collaborate with a number of stakeholders to uncover leading initiatives directly related to improving the state of our planet.  These stakeholders include our direct customers, NGOs, community groups, governmental bodies, and our manufacturers. – A commercial solution to a social problem.

Your #1 Source for Eco-Friendly Bags

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