Flood Avert® Flood Bags

Sand Bags or Flood Avert® Bags?

Sandbags have been commonly used to help prevent water destroying assets. But in the hundreds of years of use there’s been little evolution to improve design or function. Flood Avert® addresses that directly with a revolutionary design that makes it simpler and easier to protect your home or business from the destruction of flooding.

There is a better way!

Easy to install!


What Flood Avert® Products Work Best For Me?

Green Bag’s designers have poured creativity, sensibility and practicality into designing the Flood Avert® arsenal. This sees a full and comprehensive range of products to suit all types of homes and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given just how novel our products are, we’re sure there may be some questions. For the more commonly asked ones, you might find them here on our Frequently Asked Questions page. (pdf) Alternatively, you can email us at FloodAvert@greenbagco.com and one of our support team members will respond within 48 hours.

Tech Specs

For the more technical minded, we have also provided a more detailed outline of the design. This includes a Material Safety Data Sheet and a more general technical specifications page. (pdf)


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