Social Responsibility



Conducting business in these times has become a global process.  With globalization comes an even greater need for transparency concerning the origins and sourcing methods of the products we consume or use.

Consumers not only need to know precisely how, where and under what circumstances their goods are produced, they should actively seek and demand such information before determining their purchase!

Our Green Bag customers are certainly entitled to know this information which is  readily available to them at all times.

We take confidence in the importance we place on:

  • Factory Standards: Green Bag works only with a select and limited number of preferred production partners and conducts its business under a conditional Supply Agreement.  Each partner’s facility is supervised and managed by Green Bag Company’s own Quality Control Team.  Our team has the responsibility for overseeing the continued adherence to appropriate factory standards, particularly in the areas of employees’ health and safety.
  • International Standards Accreditation: In addition to quite stringent independent factory audits carried our randomly by our larger corporate clients, each of our production partners have achieved certified ISO level accreditation.  We hold beyond compliance expectations and standards for the production and quality of our end products.
  • Fair Trade Labor: As a producer of a non-consumable product, we cannot participate in the internationally recognized fair trade labor movement.  Nevertheless, we strongly support the principles and practices it promotes.  The working conditions, remuneration, and health and safety standards, as they affect the welfare of our partners employees, have always been and continue to remain so today, the critical factors in considering and selecting who we are prepared to work with.                                                      Unlike a number of our competitors, we do not engage middle agents, sourcing companies, or other third party suppliers, as their activities are often suspect and prompt serious ethical and legal questions regarding workers’ rights and conditions.
  • Transparency and Traceability: All products supplied by Green Bag carry a clearly visible and identifiable label either inside or outside our bags.  Our now well established Green Bag brand is also easily recognizable, making the task of tracing the origins of our products simple.

Green Bag Co. and Partners extend an open invitation to visit and inspect our facilities without prior notice.

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