We Know Our Retailers

Retail customers have very specific requirements and an image to uphold with their shoppers.

The Green Bag Company takes pride in understanding their needs and delivering high-quality reusable bag products and service that keep them coming back for more.

Over the past decade we have developed strong relationships with thousands of retailers across the globe — from industry giants like Target to environment-conscious boutique chains like Whole Foods.

Benefits of Reselling Reusable Bags > From The Green Bag Company

The Green Bag Company will strive to make your reusable bag program a success.

From there we help you with:

  • Customized merchandizing and display programs
  • Sales support activities
  • Consumer awareness programs
  • Seasonal and holiday programs
  • Charity donation bags

With The Green Bag Company as Your Partner We Can Help You:

  • Turn operational expense into profit
  • Offer a high-quality sustainable shopping bag program
  • Generate positive advertising for the life of the bag (2 to 3 years)
  • Position your stores as eco-friendly
  • Set the pace  for your competition
  • Comply with legislation
  • Connect with customers on a more personal level

Plastic Bag Recycling Programs

Our service doesn’t stop when we complete your order. Green Bag also offers plastic bag recycling support and re-manufacturing to complete the full product life cycle. We are serious about recycling and are committed to taking these products from birth, as a new reusable bag, to re-birth as a completely new product.

Collected used bags are harvested and reprocessed into other products such as retail check-out lane dividers, product displays and outdoor furniture.

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